Friday, March 9, 2018

Ponds AcneClear Range: featuring Aniti-acne Clearing Gel

Hello, lovelies! My apologies for being hiatus these past weeks. Been adjusting to my new job to be added that I am a full-time mom now. Anyway, back to what this blog post is all about, I will take this time to blab about Pond's new AntiAcne skincare line that I got from Sample Room.

With the combination of Thymol and Terpineol (TT) that is pioneered by Ponds. This AcneClear range known as the first in the world to lock powerful acne fighting Active Thymo-T Essence, which penetrates deep inside bacteria cells to clear acne from the root. This breakthrough, the Lock + Clear Technology, helps acne-prone women have clearer, smoother skin in as fast as three days!

First in the line is the facial foam. This comes in an upside-down tube container that has a typical packaging. I like how its blue and white combination makes the product look clean and neat. All details are on the packaging as well as the expiration date that you can see on the top of the tube.

It has a thick foamy consistency that lathers well on the skin. I suggest using just an ample amount of this product because it soaps easily. There is so much to love in this product but there are only two things I still don't like. First is the squeaky effect after washing off the product. Second is the scent. I can't distinguish if it smells like a plastic, an ointment, or something like medicines that you can smell on a clinic/hospital I think. Though it's not that bad.

Along with the facial foam is Pond's Acne Clear AntiAcne Leave-on Expert  Clearing Gel. This product is my kind of moisturizer. I apply it whenever I'm done pampering and cleaning myself to lock the moisture on my skin. Similar to facial foam this product also comes in a tube container but in a smaller size.

Consistency is thick but this time a little runny.  So squeeze the product slowly if you don't want to pour it all over your hand. What's great about the clearing gel is it is not sticky to apply on face. No greasy feel as well.

As far as the scent is the concern, I have no issues with this product. It smells better than the facial foam. I smell a little flowery on it.

Well in spite of my dislikes, I still continue to use the Pond's Acne Clear Anti-acne line because of the good sides it gives. My face feels fresh and clean whenever I use this product. The oiliness on my face doesn't disappear but do lessen. In addition, breakouts are disappearing without leaving any marks. Seems great!


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