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Product Review: Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence & Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream

When you become a multi-tasking mother and a full time worker it's hard to keep up with your old beauty routines, it means short bath times, and even the time you usually spend to refresh at night will also be shorten and sometimes compromised because you are too busy being a super Mom. This worries me as I get older, I'm in my mid twenties but I started to have dull skin and fine wrinkles appear on my face as I laugh especially on eyes and lip area. This is why I am more that eager to try the new #MiracleDuo from one of the world's most trusted skin care brands, Olay.

But before I get into the results I've seen on my skin, let me shed a bit more light on these duo and why they're a new essential for me.

Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence (40ml) - Php1,399

Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence is labeled as the "next breakthrough in skin cell renewal and the latest trend in Asian Skin Care". It is designed to boost the penetration of anti-aging activities of your moisturizer to increase skin cell metabolism and renewal for your youthful skin that looks up to 10 years younger.

Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream (50g) - Php1,699

To successfully achieve the #MiracleDuo effect, Olay highly recommends that the new Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence can be used together with the Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream. Pre-essence helps the active ingredients of the Micro-sculpting cream to penetrate deeper into skin for dramatic results. According to them, this luxurious cream has the highest concentration of their signature amino-peptide complex infused with intracellular fortifier and a touch of precious marine proteins. Together, the two products delivers twice the amount of advance anti-aging actives penetration into epidermis, progressively lifting and micro-sculpting to help: Firm sagging-prone areas, smooth skin's surface and restore elasticity giving you a skin that looks up to 10 years younger.

How to use the #MiracleDuo:
1. The Pre-essence is your immediate next step after cleansing your skin as it prepares your face to absorb the next steps of regimen. After cleansing your face with Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser and/or Pore Minimizing Toner, on your dry face, apply the new Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Pre-essence on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Let your skin absorb the product for a few minutes.

2. Apply the Olay Regenerist Micro sculpting Cream focusing on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.

Now back to what I am blogging about, I am always very keen to try these latest anti-aging products so I was very excited when I received the Olay Regenerist Overnight Ritual from Sample Room as a part of my final challenge on Sample Room's Beauty Insider. On my first impression, I love how both products are presented. With their very attractive packaging, bright red with silver top, I find both of them looks so exquisite.

The essence comes in a beautiful bottle. It's dispensing method is quite genius. The dropper in the lid automatically fills as you unscrew the cap, giving you the exact amount required per usage. I used 2-3 pumps to provide good coverage on my skin. The serum itself has a clear thick watery consistency and seemed to glide over my skin effortlessly. I have quite sensitive skin and I can feel it heating slightly as ingredients actively get to work - but this doesn't last long. Once applied, my skin looks noticeably dewy and refreshed - I loved it! It feels beautiful and smooth to touch too. The scent of this product is really lovely but not too overpowering.

Now on the Micro-sculpting cream, I applied this product in conjunction with Pre-essence and they worked beautifully together. Yay! I am more that happy to introduce these two into my regime. This cream comes in a beautifully designed jar. Although I am weary of using creams in jar as opposed to droppers, pumps, and squeezed bottles; I amended this by using a small plastic spatula from another brand of cream I used before.

The scent of this cream is amazing and very pleasant to smell, though it did subside after a couple of minutes. The cream is a little thicker yet very smooth and silky to touch. Although its thicker that other cream I'd used before, this only takes a few seconds for my skin to soak up the goodness to feel and look radiant. Upon each use my skin was left feeling well moisturized but not in greasy way. I felt that there was a noticeable improvement in the tone and color of my skin as well. Other than that, I like that my make-up sat well on top of this cream and helped with a smooth application.

Over the course of my #5NightsChallenge, I can say that I've found a jewel on these products. I instantly noticed a difference in my skin's texture, my wrinkles and fine lines appear finer as my skin is now well hydrated and not lacking any luster. Overall I was very impressed and happy with the quick results. I didn't notice any irritation on both products and as someone with sensitive skin, this was very important to me. I love the way my skin looked and I was much more confident to go out with bare face. Both products are better that the numerous skin products I used in the past, so I am likely to repurchase. I am going to continue using this duo and am excited to see how further my skin will look and feel when I reach the bottom. These are great products and I would recommend it for those who want to pamper their skin in an affordable and effective way.

Here is a photo showing my before and after selfie, sans makeup and without any re-touching.

Look how dull and saggy my skin is, and the dark circles, uggh!

Tadaa! After five consecutive nights of using the Olay Regenerist Overnight Ritual. Look how both products transform my dull face into younger looking skin. Now, I'm confident and happier because I discovered a product that will maintain my youthful glow. I feel more inspired and empowered. A big thumbs up for Olay! You will be my secret beauty companion.

The new Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-essence and Olay Regenerist Micro sculpting Cream are available in Lazada, leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets. You can also get this duo in Sample Room for about 900 points. Hurry as stocks easily ran out.

I dare to challenge you and experience the #MiracleDuo for yourself to see how these products are miracle to your skin. I'll be checking in with you again and sharing more about my full Olay Regenerist Night Ritual after a couple of weeks. I can't wait to hear your thoughts as well so don't forget to hit comment below.

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  1. I had to give up using Olay Regenerist for a while because I'm pregnant. But I loved using the cream last year so I'm pretty sure I'll go back to using it eventually. :)

  2. Great results! You'll look like a baby na niyan! You look so young and fresh!

  3. You look fresh! I'm wondering if your skin felt a little plump after each use?

    1. Hi sis :) Sorry pala about dun sa message mo on FB ha. I'll add you para makita ko agad. hehe. Btw, yes it is. Olay regenerist duo helps my skin plump and glowing :)

  4. This is wonderful! Is it safe to use for breastfeeding moms like me? I'd like to try but I'm not sure if ok.

    1. Hi Ms. Teresa :) Actually I am also a breastfeeding mom. So far no bad effects to my little one. I think its safe.

  5. glowing skin and lesser pores.. pak na pak ang aura mo sis! :D I gave up my set of this to give to y mom... kaso mukang hindi niya ginagamit nanghihinayang tuloy ako hahaha

  6. Ask ko lang nagbalat b konti yung face mo after first time mo gamitin yung olay night ritual duo?i love olay but when i started using the miracle boost nagbalat yung face ko i dont know if its normal?


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