Thursday, June 2, 2016

Press Release: is Coming this Month!

Being a blogger is tough, and getting paid through blogging is even tougher. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if your photos and blog entries are of high quality because if you don’t have enough online presence, you won’t attract advertisers. So how do you make blogging your business? Well here's the solution!

Introducing iPlexus.PH. A unique platform for advertisers and bloggers to get a hold of each other and make transactions easier.

Typical Blogger's Problems:
1. Can't reach out to the right advertisers 
2. Don't get paid for PR Posts 
3. Spending for fare, etc... for events that don't pay much 
4. Not getting enough online exposure that's worth a contract with an advertiser 
5. A horde of established bloggers who gets the bigger piece of the cake.. helps bloggers monetize their blogs by making them and their services easily searchable by advertisers online. With just creating a profile and adding blog ­related services like sidebar ads, blog posts and social media campaign, advertisers can just buy their services, and they get paid after delivery! wishes to bridge the gaps between advertisers and bloggers through a web platform that ensures that bloggers deliver quality work and get paid, and advertisers have a hassle free use of bloggers' services. The main goal behind the development of this business is to boost blogging in the Philippines and make advertising campaigns a breeze through the blogging community. 

iPlexus team's business' solution for these are the ff:
1. A meticulously filtered directory of bloggers according to stats, niche and performance, so advertisers can easily find the right bloggers for their events.
2. A monthly stats monitoring. They disable blog profiles of those who don't update for 2 months.
3. Escrow payment: They make sure the advertisers pay and bloggers deliver on time and in high quality.
4. A place where bloggers can sell ad spaces, and other blogging related services.
5. An online platform where bloggers can monitor their sponsors and get the latest news for upcoming events.
6. An online community that seeks to support new bloggers and boost blogging in the Philippines through training, seminars and content marketing.

Isn't this exciting right? Stay tuned on my next update about this project. More exciting news are coming. Yay!

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