Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Press Release: Mommy Loves You Just the Same Book + Giveaway

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author to Publish New Children’s Book, MOMMY LOVES YOU JUST THE SAME. Are you expecting a new baby in the family? Or did you just give birth to another child? You’ll definitely love this new children’s book!

MANILA, Philippines – May 5, 2016 – #1 Amazon bestselling Author and Inspirational Speaker Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag will launch her first children’s book Mommy Loves You Just the Same on May 19, 2016. The author’s two older children inspired her to write the book while she was pregnant with her third child. It tells the heartwarming story of how an expectant mother assured her son of her unchanging love — during her pregnancy and after she gave birth to her new baby. It also shows how this mother’s assuring love inspired and enabled the little boy to become a loving and responsible big brother.

Mommy Loves You Just the Same is a book for parents, and their children, who are anticipating a new baby. The story presents proactive ways to involve and prepare older siblings in the arrival of a new member in the family,” says Zarah Gagatiga, a children’s book author, storyteller, teacher librarian and a board member representing librarians of the Philippine Board on Books for Young People. “The story reminds me of our own pregnancy experience with our youngest, Zoe and how we prepared our eldest, Nico, to being a big brother. They are siblings as well as good friends!” adds Gagatiga. “Teresa's first children's book is a truly heartwarming read. Told in simple but meaningful words, the story of a mother's unconditional love for both her children is especially great for preparing kids to ‘welcome’ their younger siblings,” says Editor-in-Chief of Mustard Magazine (an educational magazine for kids) Tina Santiago Rodriguez, who is also a media missionary at, a writer for and Smart Parenting Online and a mother of four.

“The illustrations help add to the ‘comforting’ feeling one gets when reading the story — my favorite is the one of Mommy tandem nursing her kids,” adds Santiago Rodriguez.
"I was looking for a book that I can use to repeatedly remind my two older children that I love them just the same even with the coming of their baby brother. Since I could not find one with exactly the same message, I composed a poem for them instead," Gumap-as Dumadag shares. "I drew inspiration from the things that my children did during my third pregnancy and what my eldest did for me and his younger brother after my second pregnancy.”
“I’m thankful that I met Jia Rubio-Monserrat in an event where I was one of the speakers. She did a great job in turning my vision into beautiful illustrations. She also helped me come up with coloring pages to reinforce the message and lessons that children can learn from the book,” the author adds.

I really love this book. It is very touching and sweet. Thru this, I learned a lot of things. I like that the mother assured his son that her love for him will never ever change even if she's going to have another baby. Well it catches my heart and mind and I surely remember this when I get pregnant again. Yay! I am so excited to share this book to my baby.

Those who will buy a copy of Mommy Loves You Just the Same get free access to the printable coloring pages. The eBook can be purchased online through’s online shop, via email at or through the following Facebook Pages: Full Life Cube, Hands-On Parent while Earning or BREASTFEEDING: A Journey Worth TakingPlease like any of these pages to get updates on the virtual launch and the promos related to it.

The virtual book launch is organized by Full Life Cube Publishing and Events Services. It is also supported by Mom and Milly Educational Toys, My Little Ikbi, Moringana by Organics Asia, Gymboree, Zalor Maternal Care Massage Services and Halo Philippines.
High resolution photos available at their website and upon request.

About Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag

Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag is a Filipino mom of three boys: Yanthy, Mateo and Geordan. She breastfed all her three children. She currently homeschools her two older children while running her home-based business. She shares inspiration and wisdom through her workshops, training and coaching programs, talks, books, blogs (Hands-On Parent while EarningMommy Bares All and When My Bridegroom Comes) and articles. She is the Author of iHOPE, which is an online coaching program that teaches and equips parents to be hands-on with their children or to be more involved in their children's lives while pursuing their finance goals. She's the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of the book BREASTFEEDING: A Journey Worth Taking. Her first two books were When My Bridegroom Comes and How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams. Her upcoming books include From Career Woman to S.A.H.M., W.A.H.M. then Businessmom andHow To Be A Hands-On Parent while Earning (H.O.P.E.). She is the President and Founder of Full Life Cube Publishing and Events Services  (, through which she inspires and equips her clients to succeed in their businesses/careers while living out their priorities and life’s purposes.

Here are the contest mechanics:
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This contest is until May 19 only.

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Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag


  1. Not too late for mother's day. A book is anyway a perfect gift for any occassion. Loving it :) will share this post for my new mother friends :)

  2. Ooh I'm going to check this book out, I'm not expecting a child, but still, it sounds like a good read. :)

    1. The book is really beautiful. Matatouch ka talaga :)

  3. Mother's Day fever is not yet over and this book just perfectly suits with the season.

  4. Sounds like a good read for everyone in the family. Congrats to Teresa and thanks for the feature.

  5. Sharing this to my friend, expecting a baby boy in 2 months. This will be a huge help to better understand things.

  6. This sounds like a good read. I have some friends who are now moms. definitely letting them know about this book so they can check it out.:)


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