Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Want to Become Sample Room's next Beauty Insider

Over the course of my life, I have embraced a number of hobbies: dancing, piano, art.. just to name a few. But none of them changed my life or brought me into satisfaction as the act of blogging. In almost too many ways to count, it has truly changed me and the way i live my life. In fact so much so that it has become a hobby and I regularly talked to my friends about it. My blog is a compilation of Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. This blogging route has opened up many path of opportunities for me.

Similar to Blogging, Sample Room, when I found it way way back years ago, introduces myself to the world. Why? because through their products, I learned how to do a product review step by step and engage it to my readers and followers. It causes me to articulate the life that I live and the world behind the situations that i make- Over the time, I have revealed myself more and more to the outside world and I'm happy that people enjoy reading my blog.

On the side of being the next Sample Room's Beauty Insider I love to recommend something that I have found enjoyable or beneficial - whether is a new brand or different products. I want to experience how joyful and fun to be a part of Sample Room's family.


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