Thursday, February 18, 2016

Go Prettify and Protect your Bags with Oh My Bag

"Because a beautiful bag makes a beautiful day" - this is what Oh My Bag aims to tell to every female enthusiast who loves to buy and collect bags. But wait, did you know that there are things we can do to make it prettier and look more fab? Yes. And this is what I am going to blog about.
Carrying the trade name “Oh My Bag” on its various products, Yala Bags Trading is aiming to educate, as well as to excite female bag enthusiasts with its unique and affordable bag care line of products.
Yala Bags Trading is a 100% Filipino-owned company focusing on products and services aligned towards the preservation, protection and beautification of fashion items such as ladies bags.

For me, bag is the most important staple in every women. Since College I used to collect various kind of bags. And now that its been three years since I graduated, most of them are ripping off. So instead of throwing I am thinking how can I fix them.


With the luck by my side, I received a #BloggerMail from Oh My Bag containing one of their best-selling product which is the handle wraps.

Oh My Bag Handle Wraps are made of imported materials which adds a layer of comfort to my bag handles. Oh and btw, the wraps I got was named Hello Africa! (combination of brown and beige) and Antoinette (foral)Its approx. dimensions are: 37.5 inches in length and 2 inches in width. In a very affordable amount, you can purchase each of them for Php 299.00 only + different designs to choose from. 

My bag with Oh My Bag's Hello Africa! handle wrap

With the help of handle wrap my problem was solved. Not only it can hide the peeling handles of my old bag but can prettify and adds a fab look to it as well. It can also make my bag have a more unique appearance so it's easier for me to know where my bag is in case I put it beside on my friend's bag because we always buy the same things. haha.

Aside from handle wraps they also have bag filer, bag raincoat, bag stuffer, base shaper, dust bag and shoe stuffer. If you want to buy and to know more details about their products you can visit their website at

Oh My Bag also have a promo, for every Php 1000 worth of transaction gives you a free pack of dehumidifier (5 pouches) to prevent molds and unwanted odors. Hurry as this will be last until the end of the month. 

You can also join their ongoing giveaway by following the mechanics below:

Oh My Bag is also available online thru Zalora, Lazada, Tack This and Yilinker. You can contact them at these following numbers: (02) 399-0219 , 0925 864 2274 and 0917 678 2247.

Oh My Bag Philippines
 Oh-my-Bag-Ph-922716844440549  ohmybagphils ohmybagphils
This is a sponsored review.
This product  was  sent for review purposes.



  1. You can have a basic and plain bag and dress it up with the handle wraps. That's a clever idea. :)

  2. Im so curious about how this one would turn out. time to order, i guess! great post.


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