Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blue Magic Scent Collection: Patricia (Part 1)

Perfumes are one of my guilty pleasures. One of the things I do before leaving the house is to spritz an ample amount of perfume on my body. It boosts my morning routine as well as making me energetic and alive for the whole day. Without it, I feel like there is something missing.

Just in time that the one I'm currently using is nearly empty, I got this new bottle of perfume from Blue Magic for free. Been known for their wide range selection of stuffed toys, this surprised me because I didn't knew that they even have perfumes too! For being so curious about it, I searched the product on google to know more about its origin and other informative info but it seems like I'm the first one who will be doing a review about their  perfume.

Let's start. Based on my observation, Blue Magic Scent Collection have three available variants. They are Rosemarie, ---, and Patricia, which is the one I got and the one I'll be talking today. Though I apologize because I forgot the last one. I promise to update this post when I remembered it.

Back to what I'm talking about, according to its description, this cologne was made from the Enchanted Garden of Blue Magic. Sounds interesting huh? This perfume is available into one size only which is 250mL.

Its cylindrical spray container comes with a simple yet elegant packaging. I like how the gold border prettifies everything. There are two things I dislike on this product. First is the softness of its container. It looks so fragile that when it falls down very hard it will broke easily. Secondly, I can't say that its a travel friendly product because it is quite big to bring along and put into the pouch unless you are using a back pack or any bag with a lot of space inside.

To be honest I am disfavor of perfumes who have a flowery scent but this one is an exemption. This one is very mild on the nose and not too overpowering unlike other perfumes who have a very sweet smell. Its longevity lasts for about 2-3 hours so you better need to spray it again on the afternoon to make it last. Though it's alright with me as long as it helps me to freshen up my day.

Here are the list of ingredients and the manufactured date of the product. Well I suggest that Blue Magic include its expiration date as well because it is very important.

And by the way, you can buy this for a very affordable price of Php 199.00. According to the Store Manager that I talked about this product, Blue Magic Scent Collection is refillable to all Blue Magic outlets for Php 160.00 only. The best part? you can choose which scent you would like to be refilled in your empty bottle. Yay!

That's all for now. Hope you like my review. For the meantime, head on to Blue Magic's social media accounts and join their ongoing giveaways. Hurry as they will be raffling their 1st Edition Giant Panda bear for next winner.

Also, please stay tuned for my next Blue Magic Scent Collection review next week. Part 2 is their Rosemarie scent.

Blue Magic
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This is not a sponsored review.
I got this product as a prize  from their Instagram giveaway.

I am not paid to do this review, and neither I am affiliated with the company.



  1. I like that it's refillable! Us girls end up having so many bottles. At least having this option helps conserve resources.

    I miss going to Blue Magic for cute stuff!

  2. I did not know Blue Magic has expanded to making perfumes + wow, if you can refill it, too! I should check this out soon.

    1. Didn't know it too that's why I am surprised when I received this perfume from them.

  3. wow this is nice, its good that it has reillable, i would love to check this out soon.

    1. You better check it. BM Scent Collection have three variants.

  4. I haven't visited Blue Magic for a really long time already. I also didn't know they have perfumes now. This product looks promising and affordable too. Nice to give to friends this Christmas. :)

    1. I planned to give this to my friends also but the Blue Magic near our place ran out of stock with their perfumes. Guess their BM Scent Collection are their best seller.

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