Sunday, November 15, 2015

Eau Thermale Avene Launches the Cleanance Expert - A Solution to Acne-Prone Skin

Acne affects 80 percent of teenagers and 40 percent of adults worldwide. While this chronic inflammatory disease is treatable, making effective treatment to solve the condition is essential not only to smoothen the skin but also boost a person’s confidence.

With this, Eau Thermale Avène - the leading dermo-cosmetic brand in Europe, recently launched its Cleanance EXPERT, a daily treatment, which targets unwanted spots and blackheads, at the ground floor of SM Department Store, Makati City.

“Acne usually takes a toll on a person’s self-esteem. Some even avoid going out with altogether or meet new people. These situations are very alarming,” said Harry Tsai, General Manager of Karihome Inc. exclusive distributor of Eau Thermale Avène products in the Philippines. “But with our new Avène Cleanance EXPERT product, people with acne-prone skin can finally have the confidence to face people.”
The Cleanance EXPERT's SRP is Php 985.00 until December of this year. The original price Php 1, 230.00.

The new Cleanance EXPERT is especially made for acne-prone skin, eliminating mild to moderate blemishes. This acne treatment solution also hydrates and mattifies the skin minimizing shine.  And because it is safe for use by people with sensitive skin makes Avene a trusted brand by doctors and pharmacists.

Furthermore, Eau Thermale Avène’s Cleanance EXPERT is specifically formulated using three active ingredients: Diolényl which limits the risk of bacterial proliferation, reduces redness and helps eliminate spots; X-Pressin which reduces blackheads and smoothens the skin’s texture; and Monolaurin which regulates the hyper-production of sebum to create a matte finish.

Cleanance EXPERT also offers excellent cosmetic qualities. It’s oil-free light emulsion is very easy to apply. Quickly absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and mattified. It makes a good make-up base. Rich in ATSW known for its soothing and anti-irritating properties, it will perfectly respect the balance of your skin.

“The Thermal Spring Water was captured directly from a spring in Avène in France ensuring that the soft, soothing and healing water is never exposed to sunlight and air until the time it is released from the bottle,” said Frederic Charles, ASEAN Manager from Pierre Fabre Dermo Cosmetique“Using the Thermal Spring Water as its primary ingredient across all its products catalogue helped in developing products that provide optimum skin care to people who have even serious skin conditions.”

Eau Thermale Avène is a trusted brand in skin care as it soothes, softens and restores the skin’s natural balance. In fact, more than 300 stringent biological, pharmacological and clinical studies have been conducted on the Thermal Spring Water to prove its healing properties.

This core ingredient has been used for centuries at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center to address even the most severe dermatological conditions like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ichthyosis and burns.

The new Avène Cleanance EXPERT comes as an additional component of the whole Cleanance skincare line which includes its flagship Cleansing Gel and Mattifying Toner.

To find out more about Eau Thermale Avène’s wide-range of high-quality products, visit the booth at the ground floor of  SM Department Store Makati on October 24-29 2015. Activities such as free derma consultation, product discounts, raffle prizes, photobooth activities are in store for those who will visit the booth.

Where to buy: Eau Thermale Avène is available in selected Watsons and Mercury Drug stores.

For more details, please visit Eau Thermale Avène’s Facebook page here.

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  1. Great review. Very informative. Thanks for sharing this!

    Lester |

    1. Hi Lester :) Sorry this is not yet a review. It's a launching of their new product pa lang. But I will soon.

  2. Thank you for sharing but where is the Before and After of you after using that product? XD

    1. Hi Ten :) Sorry this is not yet a review. It's a launching of their new product pa lang. But I will soon.

  3. This is a nice product line for Avene. Ive been using Avene for moisturizing because I tend to have dry patches especially on the cheek area. I'll reco this to my girls (sister and cousins)& see this for their acne prone skin. :) Annd, Im curious to try the mattifying toner. :D

    1. Hi GeriLen! Thanks for dropping by on my blog. Wow, are you a fan of their products? I want to try their moisturizing line too. This product looks so interesting too. Di ko pa sya natatry kasi kaka-launch lang. Hope this works like their other product.

  4. wow, ang galing naman nito, this product looks so interesting and I wold love to try this. Thank you for sharing sis...

    1. Your welcome Melisa :) Same here, love this product too.


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