Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Project Vanity 7th Anniversary Event

Last Saturday, March 7,2015 was one of  my greatest experience. Me along with my co-bloggers and readers was invited at Ms. Liz Lanuzo's 7th Blog Anniversary - Project Vanity. The event was held at the newly open branch of Beauty Bar in Central Square Mall, BGC. The place was bigger than the other Beauty Bar branches I'd been but in spite of that, all their staff was super nice and approachable naman. Back to the even, Me and my new friend Stacie arrived at the said place at exactly 2:00pm. To tell you we both didn't know each other yet. I met Stacie on Ms. Liz blog, one of her blog reader who also got invited at the event. We both didn't know how to go to Central Square so we decided to come together. And that's where our friendship begun. hihi. (Hi Stacie!)

 My first picture with Ms. Liz. Thanks for the opportunity.

Anyway, back again to what I'm talking about, there's still few people at the event when we got inside the Beauty Bar so we got a chance to talked and introduced ourselves to Ms. Liz. We even took a picture with her. You know, souvenir! LOL.

At around 3:00pm the event was finally started. It was hosted by Tita K. She was really bubbly and funny. You'll never get board listening to her because of her "kulit hirits".

Ms. Liz giving her warm message to all her friends, co-bloggers and readers.

She also gave a quick tutorial on how to apply a perfect day makeup. She even shared some tips about the right contouring and the perfect way to apply concealer on the eye bugs. Oh and her model Ms. Cris was so pretty. I envy her high cheekbones. haha.

After that, some of Ms. Liz friends/mentors also gave a talk at the event. They all left us a super inspiring messages to remembered.

Ms. Rissa Mananquil-Trillo of Happy Skin Cosmetics.

If you're going to dream, you better dream big. Yo have to see beyond the day after, or a week, or even a year. That's how you build a globally competitive business like Happy Skin.
Ms. Cheryl Tan-Chua who runs the Beauty Box Corp. She's also the distributor of K-palette, Cure Natural Aqua Gel and Kracie.

Know where your priorities lie and follow them even when everything else is so demanding.
Ms. Maymay Samson, the Brand Manager of my current skincare Burt's Bees.

It's making the right choices, working hard, and presenting yourself well to your superiors.

These gorgeous bloggers did there "lip sing" battle. It was so fun to watch them. hihi

Here are my new found friends namely Stacie, Wina and Coco. (Hi girls! Hope we can bond again soon.) If you're asking me about the loot I'd got, I will update this blog tomorrow morning. I forgot to put a watermark on the photo kasi. hehe. But it was on my instagram account (@lovesweetkitty) already. #ProjectVanity7th


  1. Hello Doll! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award

    Join in the bandwagon. Have fun!

    Winks and Glitter Kisses,

    Dolledupqueen ♥

    1. Hi Queenie :) wow! thank you so much for nominating me. I really appreciate it. Will do it tomorrow. Thanks again. Stay awesome :)

  2. Great Post Ate ! Thanks for sharing !! I love the pictures !! and it looks like you had so much fun :) ! Followed your Blog !


    1. Hi Molly :) Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it so much. Will do follow your blog too. I really enjoyed the event. Super dami kong natutunan. Hope mameet kita in person.

  3. wow naman... Ang ganda ni ms. Liz dito. Thanks for sharing this. Dreamy mode. Happy naman ako para sa inyo.


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