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Gifted my Skin a Holiday with Burt's Bees

Days passed by and and another year is fast approaching. So before 2015 ends, I want to complete my beauty goals that I listed on my planner last January. Actually there's only a few goals left and hopefully I can accomplish them before this year ends.

One of the goals I included is to invest more on skincare products. As a beauty junkee, it's so important to me to have a flawless and glowing skin so I don't need to put too much makeup in order to hide blemishes and skin problems. Also, this season is the best way to spend and have a gift for yourself that's why I got myself a little present fromBurt's Bees.

I plan to change my daily skincare routine into 100% natural and organic products and this brand - Burt's Bees is always be my first choice. Another reason is their products are safe to use on pregnant woman like me.

Let's do some recap first. If you still didn't know, Burt's Bees launched their "Bee Merry" Christmas Gift Sets this se…

Happy Skin's First Big Sale Happening on December 12!

December has always full of surprises and promos to grab to. That's why, I am always giddy and excited for this month to come. Not just the promos, but the giveaways as well. haha. Anyway, I want to share with you a very quick announcement that I'm surely believe all girls, especially those who loves make-up, will be excited for.
(Photo grabbed from Happy Skin's Facebook Page)
Yes, you read it right. One of the popular brand in the market - Happy Skin, will be having their FIRST BIG sale this coming Saturday, December 12, 2015 at their So you better get your calendars now and start marking the big day.

Blue Magic Scent Collection: Patricia (Part 1)

Perfumes are one of my guilty pleasures. One of the things I do before leaving the house is to spritz an ample amount of perfume on my body. It boosts my morning routine as well as making me energetic and alive for the whole day. Without it, I feel like there is something missing.

Just in time that the one I'm currently using is nearly empty, I got this new bottle of perfume from Blue Magic for free. Been known for their wide range selection of stuffed toys, this surprised me because I didn't knew that they even have perfumes too! For being so curious about it, I searched the product on google to know more about its origin and other informative info but it seems like I'm the first one who will be doing a review about their  perfume.

Little Lights: mmff Animation Category Finalist

Hello! Are you guys excited for the upcoming MMFF? Well I am. And this cute little firefly is one of the finalist on the upcoming MMFF.
"Animation Category Finalist"
Manila, Philippines – “Little Lights” is a story about being born with a lack of light. More importantly, it shows what happens when we, as individuals and as a community, discover what it means to be empowered by our differences and similarities.

Have A Vanilla Scent With Snoe

Most of you (my readers) knew that Snoe is one of my favorite brand right? I'm sad to say that I currently stopped using some of their products since I get pregnant especially when I was on my first trimester. I was told by my OB to stop using products with whitening as well as those who have a peeling effect because it is bad for the fetus. Products that contains salicyc acid and retinol are a big no no too!
But hey, wait! This doesn't mean that I stash all Snoe products I have on my vanity. That is a big big impossible. haha. If you are a follower of my Instagram, is it so obvious on my feed that I love giveaways. Remember the beauty kit I'd won on Snoe's giveaway a month ago? Aah! Snoe was so generous to include one of their best selling perfume that I'll be reviewing today. Ready?

Type Kita 3: Pass On The Passion

On December 12 and 13, type lovers and lettering enthusiasts will be in for a treat! The team behind Type Kita will be holding the 3rd installment of their annual typography exhibit! The previous Type Kita exhibits offered visitors with an incredible showcase of local typographic art pieces, on-the-spot workshops by some of the country’s well-known hand-letterers and calligraphers, and for the bargain hunters, a slew of handmade crafts and printed goods from local entrepreneurs.

The 3rd Type Kita exhibit promises to be even bigger than before, with over 60 participating exhibitors and artists sharing their talent for this event-for-a-cause.

Holler Mall's Grand Opening

Shopaholic. Yes this word defines me. Shopping is my greatest weakness and my comfort zone. I love to shop for myself as well as to my love ones. Literally, you can see me on malls and bazaars that caters all my needs and wants. And of course their affordability is the first thing I've been looking for.
And now, as I am giddy and excited to tell you something, I am happy to announce that there will be a grand opening that will be happening this week. Hmmm.. curiosity kills the cat isn't it? haha. Kidding. Here it is.

Holler Mall will officially hold its concept store's grand opening at Parañaque City this coming November 28, 2015 (Saturday), from 2:00PM to 9:30PM. And guess what? everyone is invited to join the fun! Tagged as "your favorite brands now under one roof," the store is home to 44 online-based brands in the country.

#IamFlossy: Live On Your Own Terms Event

Being an ambassador is one of my dreams. As a blogger, I want to experience what would it feels like to be an ambassadress. So when Flossy Team announced that they are searching for brand ambassadors, I eagerly grabbed the opportunity. And who knows that I am one of the lucky 20 who made it. Since then, I can't contain my happiness. This is such a big blessing to me and I want to say my deepest gratitude to Flossy Team.

Now back to what I'm blogging about, Ibiza-born plimsoll footwear brand Flossy promotes the youth’s pursuit for passion and self-expression. Inspired by the pulse and passion of free-spirited individuals who live life on their own terms, Flossy is a footwear brand that imbibes the quintessential vibe of carefree Ibiza.

Laoag na Mas-stress with Biyaheroes

Laoag na ma-stress sa APEC! Book online instead!
The APEC Summit creates a four-day holiday for the tenants of Metro Manila. Flights are being cancelled and the flow of traffic is expected to thicken within the city as main roads are scheduled to be closed for this congregation, If you’re still thinking about what to do over this long weekend, this hiatus can be best maximized with an out-of-town road trip/adventure to places like Vigan or Laoag. 

Laoag na ma-stress as there’s no need to line up at bus terminals or commit to a long drive in order to reach these distantly beautiful destinations. Biyaheroes has partnered up with Partas Transport in order to provide a seamless online reservations system that lets you book and even choose your bus seats online! Offering Express First Class Vigan/Laoag and Pasay/Cubao routes, this cuts your travel time by up to four hours as there is only one stopover and no passenger pick-ups will be done along roads.

Eau Thermale Avene Launches the Cleanance Expert - A Solution to Acne-Prone Skin

Acne affects 80 percent of teenagers and 40 percent of adults worldwide. While this chronic inflammatory disease is treatable, making effective treatment to solve the condition is essential not only to smoothen the skin but also boost a person’s confidence.
With this, Eau Thermale Avène - the leading dermo-cosmetic brand in Europe, recently launched its Cleanance EXPERT, a daily treatment, which targets unwanted spots and blackheads, at the ground floor of SM Department Store, Makati City.
“Acne usually takes a toll on a person’s self-esteem. Some even avoid going out with altogether or meet new people. These situations are very alarming,” said Harry Tsai, General Manager of Karihome Inc. exclusive distributor of Eau Thermale Avène products in the Philippines. “But with our new Avène Cleanance EXPERT product, people with acne-prone skin can finally have the confidence to face people.” The Cleanance EXPERT's SRP isPhp 985.00until December of this year. The original pricePhp 1, 230.00.

The Very 1st Rawr Award is Happening this December at Meralco Theater

Hello readers! Are you up for an event this coming December?
It's going to be a night of glitz and glamour as movie and TV stars, media personalities, and fans come together for the first ever RAWR Awards next month, December 10, 2015, Thursday at the Meralco Theater in Pasig City.

(Photo grabbed from LionhearTV's Facebook Page)
Hosted by LionhearTV, the leading local source of breaking entertainment news and the hottest showbiz stories, the best and the brightest names in the business will be there as they compete for numerous awards and join the distinguished roster of RAWR awardees. To be determined by the fans, local stars will be vying for the 7 major Lion Awards, the 7 minor Club Awards, and the 2 special Pride Awards.

Have a Healthy Lifestyle with Herbalife

Good evening Dearies,
Before you go to sleep I want to share something with you.
MANILA, Philippines - Nine in 10 Filipino consumers surveyed by global nutrition company Herbalife are “highly concerned” about the potential diseases that an unhealthy lifestyle can cause them, with the same number believing that simple lifestyle changes can help improve their overall well-beingA good number of the respondents expressed willingness to adopt a healthy lifestyle; 79 percent said that they would cut down on unhealthy foods, 78 percent expressed their willingness to exercise more regularly, and 72 percent said they would make better nutrition choices. “We welcome the results of the survey.It gives an understanding of Filipinos becoming even more health concious and self-aware that they need to make some lifestyle changes to improve their overall well-being. It also gives Herbalife an idea where we are needed, because as the survey revealed only four out of 10 would spend 10 to 30 minutes a day …

September Mystery Box From BookquayxThe Monthly Prophet

Aside from blogging, joining giveaways is one of the favorite things to do in the social media world. To all who didn't know, I spent one to two hours on the net just to searched for ongoing contests that I would like to join. You know how it feels when you saw your name posted as a winner? Ah! literally you would be jumping for joy and excitement like I always did. haha. Today I want to share with you this September Mystery Box I'd won from Bookquay x The Monthly Prophet's giveaway.

For all who didn't know, The Monthly Prophet Boxis the first books and toys subscription box for magic and fantasy stories. Honestly I was surprised when I knew this information. Didn't thought that there was even a subscription boxes for books that are existed. First time to heard it though so don't laugh at me. Lol. Anyway, this box contains a newly released books, licensed toys and quality bookish pieces that may enjoy the subscribers and book lovers out there. Aside from that,…

Got A Liebster Award

Good morning fellas! I missed you all. After those long busy months I've been through, it felt so nice that I'm finally able to blog again. Guess I missed a lot of things huh especially giveaways. haha. But I am so happy that my co-bloggers as well as my social media friends are still attached to me during those months (thank you guys).

Anyway, to start my topic for today, I got nominated for another award which is - the Liebster Award. As everybody says, this award was created to know and discover newbie bloggers who wants to enter the world of blogosphere. Yay! a big thanks to Andrea of Queen Jaw Popper for nominating me. Guys, do check her blog too. So, let's start?

Oh, btw here are the rules that you need to follow: Post the above Liebster Award badge on your post.Thank the blogger who presented this award to you and link back to their blog. ( 11 random facts about yourself.Nominate 11 bloggers who you want to get to know more.Answ…

Lancris Residences Holds Blessing of Garnet Tower Showroom

Better living, Paranaque - Lancris Residences, the legacy project of Land Cris Somerset Development Corp., continues redefining condo living with the blessing of the showroom of its upcoming Garnet Tower last May 2, 2015.

Land Cris Somerset's Mr. Dennis Lim, Chief Operating Officer, and Mr. Jigger Cunanan, Assistant Vice President, spearheaded the unveiling of the showroom. Joining the two executives are partner brokers including Ms. Emi Pulido of Praise Reality Marketing Corp., Ms. Rose Suarez of Human Shelter Reality Corp., and Mr. Rex Lomangaya of Driven Marketing Group Inc.

Bounty Fresh brings #DiskarteNaMayArte to the Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015

Good morning folks!
Bounty Fresh brings #DiskarteNaMayArte to the Asia Digital Marketing Expo at the SMX Aura, on July 26, 2016. The campaign aims to celebrate the Bounty Fresh Moms out there who always find creative and resourceful ways to make homemaking extra special for their loved ones.

Why #DiskarteNaMayArte?
Being a Bounty Fresh Mom is not just about providing for the house needs, it's about providing the best experience for the family. According to Joan Caccam, Assistant Manager, being a Bounty Fresh Mom is not just about being a "wais mom", who makes the budget fit. Being a Bounty Fresh Mom is about being creative and resourceful to make everything extra special. This entails creativity, turning good chicken recipes to great chicken recipes. It's about being resourceful, finding ways to turn the regular and ordinary things at home into something that will bring extra delight to the family.

Product Review: Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock Instant Rosy White SPF45 with Singakmas & Arbutin

Hello fellas!
Are you wearing sunscreen everyday? You should be. As a beauty blogger for almost a year I've learned so much about the importance of sun protection. It helps us to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations (which I have) as well as it slows down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin. To be honest, sunblock isn't my thing. I skipped applying sunblock during my high school and college days because I did not want to feel how sticky and greasy it felt on my skin (Ugh!). I'm also too lazy enough for it. But there's this one sunblock that changes everything - the Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock Instant Rosy White SPF45 Sun Lotion with Singkamas and Arbutin. So before I finished this sunblock I will share how good this product is. 
Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock Instant Rosy White SPF45 Sun Lotion with Singkamas and Arbutin - Php299.00
Product Description: Moisturizes, Whitens, Damage protection, Anti-oxidants (free radical scavenger), Non-greasy…

Ask Me Whats x Philosophy Event

Last Saturday, I attended workshop on Philosophy with Ms.Nikki Tiu of Ask Me Whats. The event was held at the new Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.

A little info about Philosophy, it was founded in the USA in 1996 by Cristina Carlino, a cosmetic industry visionary, with over 30 years experience in clinical skin care and beauty. The first company Cristina founded was biomedic, a medically-based skin care line distributed to the worlds' leading plastic surgeon and dermatologists from biomedic, Cristina expanded her inspirational vision to create Philosophy, her goal was to bridge the gap between what was offered in doctors' offices and retail, so women everywhere could personally access leading skin care technologies.

Burt's Bees' Radiance Facial Cleanser Review

Last February, Sample Room introduced the Burt's Bees new skin care which was the Radiance line. From then, I took the opportunity to grab a sample of their radiance cleanser, good thing is my SR points are enough to avail the product. (note to self: purchase Sample Room's VIP membership from now on).
Burt's Bees Radiance Cleanser - Php850.00
Product Description:Our best natural facial cleanser for dull skin needing a youthful glow. This light lotion cleanser removes dirt, oil and make-up, revealing a smooth and radiant complexion. This mild face wash combines a gentle plant-based cleansing complex with Jojoba Beads and a Fruit Acid Complex to help encourage normal skin cell turnover. Your skin appears brighter and younger-looking. Royal Jelly, one of nature’s most nutritious substances, is added to help enhance skin’s natural radiance.
Dermatologist-tested Formulated with plant-based cleansing complex to remove dirt, oil and make-up Jojoba Beads and Fruit Acids gently exfolia…

Burt's Bees Women's Month Promo

Hello Burt's Bees users out there! I have a quick news for you.
Before the women's month ended, Burt's Bees has an ongoing promo for us. They will be giving away a free humidifier and Intense Hydration Day Lotion mini to the first 10 shoppers on their online store starting today, March 28 - 31, 2015 only. And the great thing is there is no minimum purchase required.

What are you waiting for Queen Bees? Hurry and start shopping.
Burt's Bees Philippines  BurtsBeesPH  BurtsBeesPH  burtsbeesph #BurtsBeesPH

I Got a Versatile Blogger Award

My past years in the blogging world was super fun and challenging. Fun because I have my own blog, finally! haha. Challenging because I don't know and I don't have ideas what to write on it. You know that feeling when you have so much ideas on your head but don't know where to start?! That's practically me. haha. Also, it's hard for me to construct a perfect sentence that is written on English. LOL
Up to date now, my blogging skills are quite improving, I guess? I get to know and meet some fellow bloggers, I got invites on events, received emails about sponsorship, affiliated on some brands and most of all I even got an award which is overwhelmed me every time I receive one. The first award I got is the Sunshine Blogger Awardwhich I got nominated by the gorgeous Genzel ofGenzel Kisses Blog lastyear. And for today's post, I am so happy and excited to announce that I got another award. *clap *clap   The Versatile Blogger Award.  This is my second time to have a…

Project Vanity 7th Anniversary Event

Last Saturday, March 7,2015 was one of  my greatest experience. Me along with my co-bloggers and readers was invited at Ms. Liz Lanuzo's 7th Blog Anniversary - Project Vanity. The event was held at the newly open branch of Beauty Bar in Central Square Mall, BGC. The place was bigger than the other Beauty Bar branches I'd been but in spite of that, all their staff was super nice and approachable naman. Back to the even, Me and my new friend Stacie arrived at the said place at exactly 2:00pm. To tell you we both didn't know each other yet. I met Stacie on Ms. Liz blog, one of her blog reader who also got invited at the event. We both didn't know how to go to Central Square so we decided to come together. And that's where our friendship begun. hihi. (Hi Stacie!)

My first picture with Ms. Liz. Thanks for the opportunity.
Anyway, back again to what I'm talking about, there's still few people at the event when we got inside the Beauty Bar so we got a chance to ta…

My First Sample Room Purchase

Yesterday was such a great day! I was so happy that I finally received my first Sample Room product. Yes you read it right! It was my first so please allow me to share my thoughts about it.

For the past years I'd known Sample Room, I'd never got a chance to buy sample products from them. One of the main reason is my points isn't enough for the product I want. Although they offer a VIP membership which you can have a lot of points, 1000 points for 799php only, it can be used for two months to be exact, I can't afford it that time because I'd been saving for my personal purposes. But this year, I've been planning to have a VIP membership from them.

Pond's Acne Clear White Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub Review

Hello there fellas' How are you? After being hiatus for about a month, finally I'm back on the blogging world again. And I promise to make it up to you. I have plenty product reviews prepared for you. Let's start!
For my first blog post this year, I will write a review about Pond's Complete Solution Acne Clear White Facial Foam + Scrub. It's not my first time to use Pond's. I'd known this brand since high school because my classmates were an avid user of their facial wash. That time I got curious and tried it too. Sadly, after using the product  for how many days, my pimples started to popped out one by one. I was disappointed that time and chose not use Ponds products again.
Pond's Acne Clear White Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub - Php85.00 Until I won Zalora's Beauty Box last December which contains Ponds facial wash and moisturizer (both in sample pack only) but I opted to gave it to my cousin since she really likes it. But lately, I just realiz…