Monday, November 10, 2014

Nanny Rose Gugo Lawat Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I started to switched into organic and natural products since January. I started to skin care then to my hair care products. One day I'm searching on the net about organic shampoos until I stumble on Ms. Kira of Elegantly Wasted blog. I found out that she had a giveaway about this hair care product that I've never seen before - the Nanny Rose (Gugo Lawat Shampoo & Conditioner). And yes I won again! hehe.
Nanny Rose is a local Filipino brand that entered the market early 2011. The brand is and has been inspired by the available and abundant natural ingredients that can be used for personal care. Nanny Rose leaps from this knowledge and uses the best of nature to create products that care for women. By infusing time-honored remedies into meticulous recipe concoction, you get products that will sweetly sweep you off your feet while taking care of you. Making use of only the ingredients that are beneficial for us, you can be sure that each product of Nanny Rose is prepared and made with love.
I got these products last May and got emptied them last month so I think that it's time to make my review about them.

Nanny Rose Gugo Lawat Shampoo

Nanny Rose Gugo Lawat Shampoo - Php 99.00 (100mL) and Php185.00 (200mL)
Product Description
A specially formulated herbal shampoo containing Gugo, Lawat, Lagundi, Malunggay Extract to nourish and revitalize hair follicles, plus Virgin Coconut Oil, Sunflower and Soya Bean Oil to moisturize and add shine to hair. This clever concoction helps reduce hair fall. In a refreshing scent of lemongrass and grapefruit, this bottle leaves you with healthy, shiny beautiful-smelling hair!
I didn't know that Watsons have this brand until I saw this on their Hair Care lines. Well, I love their packaging. I found it so cute and aesthetically pleasing. It's one of the reasons why I joined Ms. Kira's giveaway. hehe. However, I didn't like the bottle of this shampoo because it was very hard to squeeze especially when your hands are wet, it was slippery. Also, the opening of the cap was so small. It's difficult to get the shampoo out.
The shampoo is yellowish-brown and has a scent of lemon and grapefruit. But didn't lingered all throughout the day unlike other shampoos I used before (well they're not organic). Its consistency is thick and slightly watery. This shampoo didn't bubble that much. After rinsing, my hair felt like wires. It was so rough and very difficult to comb. It became frizzy and severely dry. I had this feeling that it triggered my split-ends more. Oh-my! Although it lessen my hair fall after using it for a week.

Nanny Rose Gugo Lawat Conditioner

Product Description
This wonderfully formulated herbal conditioner works perfectly with Gugo and Lawat anti-hairfall shampoo. It contains plant oils (Virgin Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Soya Bean Oil) that conditions your hair, making it healthy, shiny and easier to manage. Enriched with Extracts from Gugo, Lawat, Lagundi, Malunggay and Kalamansi, this amazing concoction also helps prevent hair fall.
Same as the shampoo, it also has a cute packaging. But I like this more because of its sky blue sticker. It made the bottle more alive. Although their difference is its bottle is slightly soft unlike the shampoo. The conditioner has a whitish color and has a not so thick consistency. Its scent is stronger than the shampoo but didn't last well too.
I used this conditioner after rinsing the shampoo because I can't stand the frizziness it gave to my hair. To my surprise it lathers perfectly and made my frizzy hair became soft and shiny after washing.

What I like
 Cute packaging
 Sulfate and Paraben-free. Yay!
 Affordable and available to all Watsons branches
 Has an expiration and manufactured date
 The scent - lemongrass and grapefruit
 The conditioner made my hair soft and shiny
 Lessen my hair fall

What I didn't like
 The shampoo made my hair frizzy and dry
 The bottle is very hard to squeeze

 The scent - they both smell good and I like it but didn't last that long.


Shampoo:  - I'd give the shampoo 1 out of 5 hearts. Sorry but I'm NOT going to buy it. Gladly I got these two for free! hehe. (Thanks to Ms. Kira). I was so disappointed with its performance. Never thought that it's too rough on the hair.

Conditioner:  - 2 out of 5 hearts for the conditioner.

Where to Buy - All Watsons branches

Thanks for reading my review. Have you tried Nanny Rose products too? How about these shampoo and conditioner? Feel free to share your experience with me by writing a comment below.

Nanny Rose
This is not a sponsored review.
I got this product for free.
I am not paid to do this review, and neither I am affiliated with the company.


  1. I want to try them out until makkta ko ung rating mo. Cute ng packaging tlaga.

    1. Hello Sis :) Sorry pero di talaga sya nagwork for me. But you can still try it naman kahit na mababa un ratings ko. Maybe it works for you!

  2. Is the music playing in itunes? Title please. And yeah, the review is helpful, but can't purchase it here in Calif. :-(

  3. i have a bad case of hairfall and after few uses pa lang nung shampoo nag lessen talaga yung hair fall ko. di ko rin nafeel na nagdry yung hair ko so maybe it's really a case to case basis. :)

  4. Really great products!! Loved the way you presented them here. Well, I don’t use any other hair product except alterna shampoo. It is all in one product that nourishes my hair from roots to tips. This is the best product I have ever used!

  5. "This shampoo didn't bubble that much." ----That is because it's sulfate free.. Do some research first.

    "After rinsing, my hair felt like wires. It was rough and difficult to comb." ----ummm, it's a shampoo only, not a shampoo and conditioner. This is the reason why they also sell a conditioner separately.

    Sorry but I just had to point these out...

  6. Good sharing, hormonal problems may also cause hair fall. If your thyroid gland is overactive or inactive, your hair may fall out. To help combat hair problems, Neeta’s Herbal offers a safe and natural formula for herbal hair treatment. While Neeta Herbal products has been approved by the US and UK Standard and Regulatory Product Safety Boards. Read more at:

  7. im using this since 2014 and very effective saken, nalessen hairfall ko at maraming tumubo. Pero bat ngaun january lang ung bagong bili ko nglalagas n hair ko at super dame pa. then npnsin ko naging malapot n ung laman at ngiba ang kulay


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