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My Kawaii Review on Canmake Cream Cheek

Good Morning Lovelies! Sorry for being MIA again this past weeks. Anyway, have I told you already that I'm not into makeup products? Well I only have two simple reasons for that. First is I'm not good in applying them and the second reason is I'm too scared to what they would do to my face. *LOL Last month, I'd encountered this brand that is really irritating to use. My face got oilier and greasy every time I used their product. And the worst part is they gave me these nasty breakouts that I didn't expected to happen. Seriously, I treated them for almost two months. Yet, here I go again. Still hunting for perfect makeup brand that suits my skin. Then I found Canmake.
Canmake Tokyo Cream Cheek - Php 410.00 Canmake is a cosmetic brand started in 1986. It is a brand endorsed not only by teenagers and young office workers, but also by professional makeup artists because of its cute packaging, vivid colors and natural ingredients that doesn't hurt even the most sensi…

Nanny Rose Gugo Lawat Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I started to switched into organic and natural products since January. I started to skin care then to my hair care products. One day I'm searching on the net about organic shampoos until I stumble on Ms. Kira of Elegantly Wasted blog. I found out that she had a giveaway about this hair care product that I've never seen before - the Nanny Rose(Gugo Lawat Shampoo & Conditioner). And yes I won again! hehe. Nanny Rose is a local Filipino brand that entered the market early 2011. The brand is and has been inspired by the available and abundant natural ingredients that can be used for personal care. Nanny Rose leaps from this knowledge and uses the best of nature to create products that care for women. By infusing time-honored remedies into meticulous recipe concoction, you get products that will sweetly sweep you off your feet while taking care of you. Making use of only the ingredients that are beneficial for us, you can be sure that each product of Nanny Rose is prepared and…

Grab Ellana Mineral's Sample Pack Now!

Good Afternoon Bellas! It's another month to start again and I'm on a hunt for new products to try this November. I will start my search for Ellana Mineral's products because my friends and some of my co-bloggers told me that it's really a must have and of course they're an avid user of Ellana especially their powders. Photo taken from Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Upon checking their website, I saw that they still have their sampler set so opted to order it  to know which of their powders compliment my skin tone before I could buy the full size. But to my surprise they're now sending 22 samples of ALL their loose powder products unlike before that they give five samples per skin tone only.
This includes foundations, finishing powders, and concealer powders (0.1 - 0.2g).  Loose Mineral Foundation Cafe Breve  Loose Mineral Foundation Vanilla Latte  Loose Mineral Foundation Hazelnut Latte  Loose Mineral Foundation Caramel Latte  Loose Mineral Foundation Macchiato  Loose Min…