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Having Natural Beauty with One-Earth Organics

Good Afternoon Lovelies! Today, I will share my thoughts about this new beauty soap I discovered - the One-Earth Organics Clarifying Rosehip Soap

One-Earth Organics is an online shop that sells 100% ORGANIC skincare products powered by Advance Cell Regenerating Fruit BioActive Complex. Their mission is to be the dynamic leader in the skincare industry by providing highly effective and certified organic quality skincare products. They aimed to solve the many skin problems we commonly face by offering organic beauty solutions that are advanced but easy on the pocket.
I am glad that I switched into organic products albeit some of them are really pricey. Hence, they are good quality and the effectiveness are great though. If you're a reader of my blog you'd known that I always encountered breakouts and pimples when I switched to different products/brands. Well it's one of my biggest problem. And of course when I was stressed and didn't slept well at night. But this time I didn't hesitate to give this soap a try because I read positive feedbacks about this brand One-Earth Organics. Also, it was used by one of my favorite blogger Ms. Shebby Liquette of Shebby Chic Blog.

One-Earth Organics offers different variants of soap for different skin problems that will suit our needs. They have DCR Complexion Soap (Detox, Cleanse, Repair), Illumina Milk Soap, Triple Dream Refining Soap (Exfoliant and Toning), Restorative Emu Soap (Restorative and Moisturizing) and the Ultra Clarifying Rosehip Soap (Clarifying and Lightening) which is the one I'd got and the one that I'll be reviewing today.
Ultra Clarifying Rosehip Soap - Php 290.00
Its packaging was very simple but I like how it was designed. It came in a light brown box with a darker shade of brown for its brand logo and details.
Similar to other brand of soap it also came with a plastic cover. Maybe their reason is to make sure that the product didn't mess with the box. (Sorry if I'm not able to take a picture of its full size. It's because when I got the product I already used it and got the plastic ripped. haha #excited) Well, I found it hygienic. The soap is pink and quite soft when you pressed it. It reminds me of Snoe's Night Soap that I reviewed last couple of months. The name of the brand was imprinted on the soap too.

Like what I usually did into this kind of soaps, I cut it into pieces because they melted easily. I think it's one of the disadvantages of organic and natural soaps. Right?
Product Description

One-Earth Rosehip Ultra Whitening Soap is a cold-pressed rich in Rosehip Oil, Tea Tree Extract and Bearberry Extract that lightens up and clarifies the skin, prevents age spots, acne scarring, and other forms of hyperpigmentation. Evens out skin tone and pigments, stimulates collagen to correct wrinkles. It works like microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin and fights acne.

Major Components: Apple Fruit Bio-Active Complex, Rosehip, Argan, Tee Tree, Kojic, Rosemary, Papain, Bearberry, Vitamin A, C and E.
My Verdict
I used this soap on my face only. I applied it twice a day - every morning and right before I sleep at night. It is very foamy and lathers really well. Like other whitening soap, I felt a stinging sensation everytime I used it but it's very minimal and tolerable. The soap reminds me of Snoe's Oatmeal soap, minus the fragrance. I found that it softens my skin and made it felt smoother after every bath. And for the first time in history, It didn't gave me any breakouts! Somehow, though, it was a bit drying and I experienced micropeeling on my chin and cheek area which you can see on the picture above. I can say that it's really effective in terms of diminishing pimples and breakouts. I also noticed that some of my dark spots are totally faded as well as acne marks. All in all I do love this soap. This is a very promising skincare product. I am very glad that my skin loves it! #thumbsup

 - I'd give it 4 out of 5 hearts. I'm going to repurchase it but I'm going to try their other variants first. I want to discover which of them are the most effective so let's play the game "Battle of the Soap" haha *LOL

Where to Buy
You can grab this soap via online only - 
Visit their social media accounts to know how and to know more about their products.

Thanks for reading my review. Who among you tried One-Earth Organics products too? Let me know by dropping a comment below. If you haven't tried their products yet, don't hesitate to give them a chance and see the amazing results for yourself.

One-Earth Organics
oneearthorganicsqc oneearthorganics_qc OrganicBeautyPH
This is not a sponsored review.
This product was bought with my own money.
I am not paid to do this review, and neither I am affiliated with the company.


  1. Wow sis! Impressive ito ha, how many days 'til you see visible improvement? I've been looking for a good soap for my currently problematic skin. Thanks for this review! :D

    1. Hi sis :) sorry for late response. Yeah, I'm totally impressed with this soap. For me, 1 week pa lang nakikita ko na onti onti yung results. Try mo din this soap sis. They have other variants din for different skin problems.

  2. very noticeable the difference and i like the you pointed out the dry skin peeling, its one of the factors why i try to avoid soaps. my skin is naturally resilient to other skincare products except these. btw good trick on cutting the soap into half to avoid unnecessary melting!

    1. Hi Shayne :) I think dry skin and peeling is one of disadvantages of whitening/organic/natural soaps. Anyway I ask Ms. Jam of One Earth Organics about this problem and she told me that mag pepeel daw talaga ang skin once you switched into 100% organic products kasi matatanggal daw un chemicals on skin caused by non-organic soap/products.

  3. I like the results on you sis, super ganda but that's the thing with whitening products, stinging sensation and sometimes they dry your skin. Good job with the no breakouts! :) I've been hearing this brand for quite a while now esp. in Instagram, when I finished all my skincare products, I will give this a try, this particular soap ^_^ Thanks for the great review!

    1. Hello Ms. Gen :) I also like the results. Di ko ineexpect na matatanggal talaga yung dark spots ko. hehe. And I totally surprised because this is the only soap that didn't break me out. Para tuloy natatakot na ulit ako mag switch on my regular facial wash. hehe. You should give it a try sis. It's a promising product! Welcome and Thanks also for dropping by.

  4. Wow! The before after picture difference is significant. It looks so promising. Love it!


  5. Organic products are so much better for the skin! It's nice that it is so well packaged. LUSH soap is great, but the way they sell it is kind of gross.

  6. Natural and Organic product for beauty are very helpful because they have no side effects. So visit the following link for natural beauty
    natural and organic products

  7. Hi sis! I was researching this brand and stumbled upon your blog. Ang ganda ng result! God bless you more! ♡

  8. Hi sis! I was researching this brand and stumbled upon your blog. Ang ganda ng result! God bless you more! ♡


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