Monday, August 25, 2014

A Prescription Glass from Visio-Rx Philippines

Good Morning Loves! Guess who's back?! hehe. Sorry for not updating you with my reviews. It's because I'm still trying and testing out new products I'd bought last month. To tell you, they seemed good and effective yet other products are not. So stay tune for my upcoming reviews! Maybe I'll post one this week.

But for now, what I will blog is all about my new prescription glass from Visio-RX Philippines that I got a couple of weeks ago. Remember my last blog post about my ordering experience from their site? (You can read it here if you want) It went really well. When I got a text from Ms. Teen telling me that my order are already shipped I got so excited. Then the next day my order arrived. Wow! it was really fast. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be here that soon, I expected two to three days before it arrives. Take note that I'm in Laguna that time.
Just a little bit info about me, radiations thru computer screens and some gadgets like cellphone and tablets are so close to me. Yeah, because they're part of my everyday routine since when they invented. *LOL! During office hours, I spent most of my time facing into computer to do some stuff. You know, office works. And by lunch time I consumed it by reading books/wattpad's stories on my tablet. See? I'm really into radiation right?! I forgot that it's too bad for the eyes. Lucky me I found this prescription glass online.

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Talking about boring glass cases? I must say Visio-Rx Philippines cases are exemption. You can personalize/choose the design that you want. Guess Visio-Rx Team knew the tastes of today's consumer like me huh?! I must give them the word "fashion"! What I got is this vintage look burgundy case that has a black words written on it. 
Similar to other glasses it also has a free microfiber cleaning cloth. But what makes this different is you can also customize/personalize it according to what design or picture you would like. 
My glass here named "Exesto Chinon". Exesto for the brand and Chinon for the model, according to their website. It was an Italian design that is made from stainless steel/silicon. The lenses of this glass are HMC coated: Anti-scratch (hard coating), anti-reflection (AR), basic hydrophobic, electro magnetic interference shield (EMI). Also, it has a UV protection meaning I can use this for outdoors too. 
This prescription glass captured my eyes because of its simplicity and uniqueness. And of course because of its color. You know how I love pink right? Isn't its obvious on my blog? hehe.

All in all I love this prescription glass. I can say that it is a must have. My eyes are now safe to those computer radiations and UV rays that can cause many harmful effects on the eyes. Thank you Visio-Rx Philippines for introducing me your glasses. 

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  1. We got the same case! :D I love the eyeglasses that I got din. MEdyo malaki nga lang. I'll blog about it soon :) love the pair you ordered :)

    1. Thanks Ms. Gen :) I really love the case. Especially the glass. Super helpful sya pag nagbabasa ako ng ebook. Hindi na sumasakit yung mata ko unlike before. I used cheap glasses kasi yung nabibili lang on sides. hehe


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