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Unboxing: Glamourbox x EmerginC Prize

These days, subscription boxes are in. Most bloggers have their own boxes every month except me. Why? because everytime I'm planning to subscribe it's already sold out. ಠ_ಠ Glad I won at Glamourbox's giveaway. Even though it's not a subscription box, at least I'm gonna experience how to unbox. haha. But before I start I want to share some information about Glamourbox.
Glamourbox is an online beauty store which also offers a subscription boxes every month. Each box contains a selection of beauty and cosmetics samples, skincare and bath & body samples, as well as fun non-beauty extras. Their mission is to create an exciting way for Filipinas to access and discover the latest trends in beauty from around the globe. They also provided an online platform for Filipinas to engage other like minded beauty junkies and newbies and share what they have to say about the latest products and trends.
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The box contains full sizes of EmerginC Scientific Organic's products. I got their Spirulina Toner, Grape Stem Cell, White Tea + Seaweed Body Butter and the Kombucha Cleanser.
  EmerginC Scientific Organics Kombucha Cleanser (Php 1,620.00) - a gentle, effective deep cleanser for all skin types that help remove environmental pollutants and make-up without drying the skin.

 EmerginC Scientific Organics Grape Stem Cell, White Tea + Seaweed Body Butter (Php 1,990.00) - an enlivening citrus-scented total body moisturizer designed to nourish, soothe, moisture, help improve skin tone and texture, as well as combat the visible signs of aging skin. Excellent post-sun.

 EmerginC Scientific Organics Spirulina Toner (Php 1,430.00) - a gentle, effective toner for all skin types to help refresh, nourish and re-balance the skin.

Overall it cost Php 5,040.00. I am so lucky that I got it for free. Yay! Thank you Glamourbox. That's all for toay. I will update you soon for my review about these products. Happy Sunday everyone. 

GlamourboxPH glamourboxph GlamourboxPH

EmerginC Scientfic Organics
emerginC emerginc emerginc


  1. Interesting products! I just switched to organic skincare products and the price range isn't really that "budget friendly". You're so lucky to win their giveaway, Danica! :)

    1. Hi Ms. Steph♥ I also switched to organic/natural skincare. Glad it's effective naman but the price are not so budget friendly nga. hehe. Thanks, btw.

  2. Wow! Lucky you! They seem to be great products! Happy for your first unboxing, more more! :)

  3. Hi sis. First time to encounter you and your web abode and I LOVE IT! Your blog is exactly how I want my blog to be! I am actually planning to redesign my blog and yours is one of my inspiration. May I ask on who made this layout together with those cute little web name on your photos? I really don't have much time in tweaking my blog's layout as of the moment because I am so busy with work but seeing your blog makes me want to work and get back on it.

    I hope we can be blogger friends!


    1. Hi Theresa♥ Sure, I we can be a blogger friends. hehe. Thanks for dropping by to my blog. I really appreciate it. I'm the one who made this layout. I just used adobe photoshop. Go on tweaking your blog na sis. I can help you if you want. :)

    2. Really! Wow I'm so flattered! Now, I have an online mentor and a blogger buddy! Do you have twitter handle sis? I would love to follow you there! :)

    3. You're always welcome sis :) I'm happy that I have a friend like you. hihi. Yes I have. My username is @iamsweetcat , how about you? I would also love to follow you. I just put your blog button on my "Blog Love" list. You can see it on my sidebar. And feel free to ask me anytime.

  4. Hey, can I also be your online mentee hihi, i like ypur design as well kaso dont know how huhu. And youre so lucky cause you always win in giveaways ako once palang haha!:)

    1. Hi Jho :) Sure, it's my pleasure. Feel free to ask me anytime. hehe. And thanks, btw.

  5. lucky girl nica! congrats on winning these, they are so expensive pala! i hate it that organic skincare nowadays are getting more and more expensive. i still buy them tho cause theyre nice :)


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