Monday, July 21, 2014

Bring Out Your Fairest with Snoe!

Hey lovelies! I miss you so much. Sorry for being inactive for the past days. It's just that I lost my internet connection due to typhoon "Glenda". Now I'm back and I will make it up to you. Let's start!

When I stumbled upon someone's blog (sorry I don't remember her blog name), I read her review about this soap she'd been wanting to try for so long - the SNOE Special Black Beauty Bar. I said "whaaat??" Yeah, that's me, a little bit of exaggerated. haha. 'Cause I never heard/used black soaps before. Actually, I didn't know that is it really good in terms of whitening. As I read her blog, she convinced me that it's really effective that's why I came up on buying two pieces. (agad agad! haha.)
Snoe White Special Black Beauty Bar - Php199.00
For a little trivia, I was born with not so fair skin. I have dark and sun spots on my arms and some on my face which is so annoying. I tried different brand of soaps but this is the one who captivated my heart and my skin, of course!
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The product claims to remove impurities to refine skin tone and promote cell renewal for a complexion with inner radiance. It will also remove dead surface cells to boost clarity and luminosity. It will effectively help fade dark spots, blemishes, freckles and melasma for renewed clarity and effective hyper pigmentation correction. This beauty bar promises to helps bring out your fairest. Hmmm.. let's see.
Here is the back of the packaging which you can see the directions,recommendation and the ingredients list.

The active ingredients are:
 Multi - fruit Acids - Citric acid, a very powerful antioxidant and skin brightener
                                  - Acai Berry, protects skin from damage caused by free radicals
 Alpha Arbutin - skin lightening agent
 Tomato - high in astringent properties

Yay! it does not contain any harmful chemicals. You can also see the manufactured and expiration date of the product which is very important.
Like their other variants, it has a snow flakes logo on the middle and yes it's literally black even if its named "Snoe White". 
                                               with flash                                                    without flash
I've been using this for almost six months and I'm loving it. Usually, whitening soaps make my skin dry but this one doesn't. Although I encountered weekly micro peeling. Guess its normal on whitening products and it is one of the proof that the product you're using are effective, right? I noticed that my skin become radiant and glowing. Also, my skin are even now. Some of my dark spots and sun spots are quite faded. But I believe that when you use this continuously as long as their recommendation you will definitely get rid of them. I always felt a tingling sensation when I used this on my face but don't worry because its tolerable. It didn't cause any irritations and didn't breaks me out. It also dries up my pimples and fades some of my acne marks. The one thing I didn't like about this soap is that it melts too quickly, that's why I cut it into pieces (in this case it lasts me up to months). A square can actually last for a week, but remember that it still depends on how many times you take a bath per day. I hope my review is enough for you to try this beauty bar too. hehe. Have a great day!


RATING:   - Yay! 5 out of 5 hearts.

WHERE TO BUY: All Snoe outlets nationwide. You can also buy it online at

Snoe Beauty
SnoeBeauty snoebeautyinc SnoeBeautyInc
This is not a sponsored review.
This product was bought with my own money.
I am not paid to do this review, and neither I am affiliated with the company.


  1. haha i love that you bought 2 pieces agad, impulse shopping! <3
    we still dont have our house internet back atm, im currently using globe tattoo and it takes 3mins to load a blog post. so atm im blog hopping in slow motion.

    1. Hi Shayne :) Haha! I totally agree. Super impulse! I heard kasi na it melts too quickly kaya buy agad ng dalawa. hehe. Have you already tried it? Oh, I'm hoping that you get back your house internet soon. Mine's a little bit slow too :(

  2. I knew I should have bought this one. Black soaps are intriguing, right? I didn't know na ganyan pala ang makikita kong micopeeling kung gagamitin ko ito. You still use a lotion or just let the soap do its thing? :)

    Meron na akong blog button! :) But, where's yours? I want to add it in my blog na.

    1. Hi Chloe! I used moisturizing lotion. I can't bear going to office with a skin like that. hehe. I already add your button on my sidebar. You can grab mine at my sidebar too. Thanks for dropping by sis. Have a great day! :)

  3. I only knew of this soap because of your blog, i might give this a try cause my skin problem is it looks dull, kaya minsan i look pale. Gusto ko din yug may glow. Thanks for this!

    1. Glad I'm the one who introduced this to you. Go na sis. Give it a try na but make sure that you use a moisturizing lotion. :)


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