Friday, June 20, 2014

My Beauty Book Loot Bag

Hi Everyone! How are you? Hope you all doin' fine. Here's a quick post of mine about the products I got from Beauty Book last month.

What is Beauty Book?
According to their site Beauty Book is the modern Filipina's beauty bible. It is an online beauty portal that covers the A-Z of beauty for the modern Filipina woman.

As I remember they offered a free loot bag for the first 1000 people who register on their website as well as to those who invite their friends. Luckily I'm one of them. It took a month after I received these products due to their limited stocks and according to the one who emailed me, they ship it by batch so what I should do is to wait. 'Till late afternoon the courier brought some package to me and I'm surprise that it's from Beauty Book.

Honestly, I thought about receiving samples like sachets but look what I've got.

The Beauty Loot includes the following:

1. A black pouch with their name printed on it. 

2. Ponds White Beauty Moisturizer: Translucent Pinkish White Glow - I never tried this product because I have a problem with Pond's products since High School. I got a pimples and breakouts everytime I use them that's why I told myself that I never use their products na (*sorry). So I gave this one to my officemate.

3. TRESemme' Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner - I used Tresemme' before. It gives a volume to my hair which is I love. It also makes my hair smooth and silky.

4. Watson's Moisturizing Lip Balm - what I love about this lip balm is it really looks naturally when applied. I don't see that it moisturizes my lips because I've experience some dryness everytime I use this product. Also, my lips became chapped every other day.

5. Nichido Matte Eyeshadow Palette - Like I told you, I'm not a fan of makeups before especially eyeshadows because I can't put them properly. Ugh! I don't even know how to combine the colors and blend it properly. Guess I will attend some makeup workshops huh? haha.

This is what the palette look inside. The colors are bright and have some glitters on it. I haven't tried and tested it because I also gave to my officemate-slash-friend.

To know more about Beauty Book, visit their website at
You can follow them at:
 beautybookph BeautyBookPH  beautybookph

'Till my next post Bellas! Good night.


  1. Hi Nica, happy friday!! The beautybook look amazing, I really like the Watson's Moisturizing Lip Balm it look like a greal lip blam to keep you moisturize throughout the day, wish we have watson in canada heheee, have a good weekend sis xo <3

  2. waaaah did my long comment went through? :O let me know please!

  3. Okay so napublish yung isa kong comment. nakakaloka. hahaha ulitin ko Lol. Attend as many free workshops as you can especially sa mga counters, they do it almost every month, you'll learn a lot then practice. I also had a one on one makeup lesson para todo na to. lol. I also signed up for this site but never did I receive this huhu. Nichido shadows are great, my mom used to buy them before. She's a fan of the brand when she was still here in the PI.


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