Saturday, April 26, 2014

Let's Get Oiled With Snoe!

Happy Sunday Bellas!

What I'm going to post for today is no other that another product review from Snoe. Which do you prefer to apply after taking a bath, lotion or body oil? Me, I prefer applying lotions. I'm not a fan of body oils since I was a kid because it gives me a feeling of greasiness especially during summer days. Last March, I went to Snoe branch at SM North to buy some favorite skin cares of mine until the sales lady offers me to try their Snoe Happy White Oil. I was a bit hesitant at first because as I was told you lately I was not a fan of it. The sales lady keeps pushing me to try it, she said good benefits of it and she also said that it's not greasy as I think. Then, boom! She got me with her marketing strategies so she convinced me to try iy on. hahaha. After applying it I was amazed by it's effect and of course, not greasy! that's why I came home with this Snoe Happy White Ever After Premium Whitening Massage & Bath Treatment Oil

Snoe Happy White Ever After Premium Whitening Massage & Bath Oil (Php 299.00)

Happy White Ever After is a relaxing, skin-silkening luxury that offers superior glide for massage and luxurious hydration for the body. It contains:
Rice Ban Oil - it is a source Vitamin E complex, antioxidants and other micronutrients  to help fight free radicals and combat effects of aging.
Almond Oil - it nourishes and softens the skin helping to keep it smooth to the touch.
Mulberry - it is a botanical whitening agent that effectively lightens and removes dark spots on the skin.
Bengkoang - is proven to prevent skin pigmentation, and lightening skin. The extract is described to have cooling & refreshing properties.
Rose Water - offers a smoothing property to the nerves of emotional and psychological state of mind. It is regarded as a mild sedative and anti-depresant.
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 Here's the back of the product where you can see the description.
 Here are the ingredients list of the product.
The first one I've been looking for a product is the expiration date because it is very important. And I'm glad that this body oil have it.

Snoe didn't fail to have their products come with such a super unique and pretty packaging and name of course! This oil comes in a transparent violet bottle which is very helpful so that I can see the amount of the product. It has also a cap which I find hard to open.

It smells like flower, maybe it's the rose oil. It's consistency is not like other body oils that are thick and has a heat effect after you spread on body. It is thin and watery type which can easily spread on the skin.

I've been using this product for almost 1 and a half month and I really love it. I applied it everynight before I go to sleep to test if it really helps me feel calm and relax after the long day of work. And YES! it's true believe it or not, it helps my stressed and tired body feel relaxed. Also, it makes my mind calm. I felt sleepy after a minute of applying it. When I woke up the next day I felt that my skin is really moisturized and had a glow on it. Finally, I found the perfect oil for me. *cheers

 It can lather easily on the skin
 Non-greasy unlike other body oils
 Keeps my skin well moisturized
 Affordable for only Php299.00. It can last you up till months. Very worth it :)
 Helps to keep me calmed and relaxed
 Absorbs quickly
 Make me sleep longer. hihi
 It's flowery smell

 I didn't see the whitening effect on it but it's okay as long as my skin is moisturized. Right?

WILL I REPURCHASE? Of course! I will try their new line of body oils.


WHERE TO BUY: All Snoe outlets nationwide. You can also buy it online at

Snoe Beauty
SnoeBeauty snoebeautyinc SnoeBeautyInc
This is not a sponsored review.
This product was bought with my own money.
I am not paid to do this review, and neither I am affiliated with the company.


  1. yeah I see no whitening or brightening with this oil too

    1. Right! It's only good at moisturizing my skin. :)

  2. Wow! I've never seen any oil with this kind of packaging. Very cute! Love the name of the product as well. I didn't know Snoe has a branch in SM North. :O

    1. Hi Ms. Steph! Yeah, me too. The SA introduced it to me. You should try this oil it's really good in moisturizing the skin. There branch is at 2nd Floor, near Cinnabon at SM North btw. :)

  3. nice review sis :) love those cute social icons btw :)

    1. Hi sis Angel :) Thanks. Do you have a blog? I must follow yours. You can get it on tumblr. Try to search "pixels". There are many of them. hehe

  4. Hi. Nice review and cute blog. You two look adorable. :)

    I do have a blog giveaway going on. I hope you'll check it out here. Cheers! :)

    1. Hi Eva :) Thank you so much. hehe. I visited your blog already. You also have a nice blog and I already joined to your giveaway. Hoping to win those brushes. They are so nice!

  5. I had this too before and I love the smell! I gave it to le bf for his massage sessions :D


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