Monday, April 7, 2014

BDJ Box Tres Chic Event

Last Month - March 23,2014, I attended the BDJ Box Tres Chic event. It was held at Samsung Hall, SM Aura. It was my first event this year and I'm glad that I got two invites on the talks that will be discussing. I also contacted my new found friends to join me on the event. I'm so happy that they both available. Actually, they are my co-winners on Happy Skin giveaway which you can find here if you didn't read it yet. I thought it was the perfect place we meet in person.
When I reached the Samsung Hall, the first thing I noticed is the BDJ tarpaulins / stands and the registration area. After I registered they gave me a brochure with claim stubs for the loot bag and photo booth. It has also a map of different booths to be visited.
The venue was good and well ventilated however they had a poor lighting so I apologize if my photos are not so good. It's either blurred or dark. And oh! I'm also sorry if I had a photo bomber down there I swear she didn't know that I'm taking a picture. haha. *peace my friend, you know that I miss you! 
The first booth we visited is PAC - Professional Artist Cosmetics. They had lots of prizes when you join their contest. So here's my friend joining their "Draw The Line and Pick-A-Prize!" contest. I actually didn't join because I don't know how to put mascara. haha. What she got is a Free Make Over GC  and Tomato Time voucher.
Our next stop is the Too Cool For School booth. We enjoyed their 3D Photobooth. Oh how I love their dinasour. It's super cuuute! They also had a vendo machine but I'm not able to take a picture of it *sorry. I got a sample of their After School BB Foundation Lunchbox and Pumpkin Sleeping Pack. 
Next is Ellana Minerals booth. Look how elegant their set-up is. How I wish I have this in my room especially the mirror. hehe. Like other booths, they also give a free sample pack of their products to try. Glad Ellana is part of this event. I really want to try their loose powder but I don't know which shade should I get.
This booth - Bifesta is the booth I never forget. Why? because I deceived. I thought that pink frame over there is a mirror until my friend Shey get inside of it and told me to took a picture of her then I say "Oh my God! How did you just get in in the mirror?!" hahaha She laughs at me harder and told me to take a picture too. Oh! and by the way I never heard this brand before. Glad they also give samples of their products to try. 
After visiting some of the booths we go to the talk area to start our first talk entitled "Beyond Beauty Basics". I learned so much in this talk. From skin problems to taking care of the skin, the beauty ministry never fails to answer all our questions.
After the talk finished. We're back on visiting booths again. We headed to Covergirl. They also have a contest that the mechanics are super easy. All you need to do is upload a #selfie photo on instagram with your lips pouted. They also have a mascara swap promo that's why I got their Lash Blast Fusion Mascara that I will be reviewing next week.
We're also very lucky to meet one of the famous and beautiful blogger Ms. Sabs Hernandez of The Makeup Maven. She is so kind and very accommodating. She always smiles at everyone who approach her.
Here with my sissy trying Revlon's products. They also teach us how to put the right makeup and they explain the different types of makeup brushes.
We headed again to the talk area for our second talk entitled "Up Close & Flawless with Max Factor". Mr. Bobbi Carlos of Max Factor shared us how to put and wear the right makeup when you're on the beach. He also answered some of the participants breath taking questions.
Here we are, striking a pose at Yves Rocher's booth. They told us to upload it on instagram to get some of their freebies. What I've got is their GC and samples of their products too. I didn't expect they also have a perfume. I thought they only sell beauty products. I love their Naturelle perfume now. I think it's the best birthday gift for myself so I'm planning to buy it. watcha think?
And yeah, I'm a Spy Gal of Benefit Cosmetics. Haha! I really enjoyed there booth. Wish I could took many pictures with different pose.
After the event it's time for some photo ops with these two lovely ladies. I'm so happy to meet them. Looking forward to see them again. I had so much fun all day. Both of them are so funny and kind. 
We also got a loot bag with full of goodies to try. It also have a Cosmopolitan magazine for us to read. We also had a chance to took a picture at BDJ's photo booth. I really enjoyed this event. Thanks BDJ for such a great experience. I will never forget this. I'm looking forward to your next event.


  1. I am turning into a green-eyed monster!! So jealous that I wasn't able to go to that event. But it's great that you had so much fun!! ^_^

    1. Hi Jean :) There's another event for us. I think BDJ has an event this coming October. You must go there and we meet? Watcha think? :)))

  2. Waaahh sayang didn't see you there! </3 Pero enjoy din talaga :)


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