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Let's Get Oiled With Snoe!

Happy Sunday Bellas!

What I'm going to post for today is no other that another product review from Snoe. Which do you prefer to apply after taking a bath, lotion or body oil? Me, I prefer applying lotions. I'm not a fan of body oils since I was a kid because it gives me a feeling of greasiness especially during summer days. Last March, I went to Snoe branch at SM North to buy some favorite skin cares of mine until the sales lady offers me to try their Snoe Happy White Oil. I was a bit hesitant at first because as I was told you lately I was not a fan of it. The sales lady keeps pushing me to try it, she said good benefits of it and she also said that it's not greasy as I think. Then, boom! She got me with her marketing strategies so she convinced me to try iy on. hahaha. After applying it I was amazed by it's effect and of course, not greasy! that's why I came home with this Snoe Happy White Ever After Premium Whitening Massage & Bath Treatment Oil
Snoe Happy …

Sunshine Blogger Award

Since I started and been active on blogging again, I tried to keep my blog posts simple but understandable to my readers. I know I'm not that famous and good blogger like you should know. I've always been on and off on blogging because of so many reasons, of course the number one reason is my office works. It's so hard for me to do it both at the same time but I always find a way to write on my blog inspite of my busy schedule.
As months passed by, I've met new friends and some of my co-bloggers (but not personally) which is super friendly and kind. One of them is Ms. Genzel of Genzel Kisses Blog. She's really an inspiration to me in terms of blogging. I really love to read her posts especially when it comes to her product reviews (I ♥ it the most!). She also never fails to amaze me btw.
And now, she nominated me as a Sunshine Blogger. Wow! I'm so overwhelmed and I didn't expect it actually. Thank you so much Ms. Genzel (You can read her post HERE). Btw, s…

Ms. Genzel's XOXO Rose Gold Watch from Great Value Plus (International Giveaway)

Good Evening Ladies! Happy Easter to all of you. Here's another giveaway post that I recently join and I know that you also want to join. hehe.  Ms. Genzel of Genzel Kisses Bloghad a giveaway. She will be giving this ellegant XOXO Rose Gold Watch from Great Value Plus Online Store. And good thing is it's open internationally. You may click HERE to join and for more details. This giveaway will open until May 10, 2014 PST*.
Good Luck Ladies!

Snoe White Vitamin C-Rich Calamansi Whitening Detox Clay Mask Review

Hello everyone! I'm back again with another Snoe product that I want to review. Again, I am so sorry if I'm on and off on blogging this past few days. You know, office works. So please forgive me. hihi.
So let's start. I've been eyeing this mask everytime I went to my favorite Snoe branch at SM North but I'm not able to buy it because I've been sticking on my "Need to buy list" and the other reason is I've only bought an exact amount of money everytime I go shopping so I didn't do an over spending. Luckily, I'd given an extra allowance last month because I'm assigned on field to do some survey for work. I didn't spend it much because I brought some baon with me. hihi. After I finished my task, I eagerly went to SM North to buy this clay mask. I consider it as a little reward for myself after the long day work. *wink

So what can clay masks do on our skin? If you have an oily or acne-prone skin, clay masks are a must have. According …

The Fault In Our Stars: Released Another Song From Their Soundtrack

Are you a fan of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster of The Fault In Our Stars? Oh! I bet you are. The people behind this movie released another beautiful song entitled - "Not About Angels" by Birdie. I really love this song and the lyrics. It really inspires me and I always play this song everytime I'm alone and depress. hihi. It helps me to keep calm and have a peaceful mind. Xoxo, Couple Diaries

BDJ Box Tres Chic Event

Last Month - March 23,2014, I attended the BDJ Box Tres Chic event. It was held at Samsung Hall, SM Aura. It was my first event this year and I'm glad that I got two invites on the talks that will be discussing. I also contacted my new found friends to join me on the event. I'm so happy that they both available. Actually, they are my co-winners on Happy Skin giveaway which you can find here if you didn't read it yet. I thought it was the perfect place we meet in person. When I reached the Samsung Hall, the first thing I noticed is the BDJ tarpaulins / stands and the registration area. After I registered they gave me a brochure with claim stubs for the loot bag and photo booth. It has also a map of different booths to be visited.

Your Shopping Bag x Victoria's Secret Giveaway

We all know that Victoria Secret is one of the most famous brand in all countries. So Ms. Shayne of Queen Of All You See blog is hosting a giveaway. You can join here if you want. It is open for Philippine residents only. Good Luck bellas! Have a great day ahead :)