Friday, March 28, 2014

Snoe Beauty Sleep Night Time Beauty Bar Review

Holla Bellas!

Hope all of you had a great day :) I'm sorry if I'm absent on blogging this past few days. I've been on seminar for almost four days doing our "10 Year Solid Waste Plan". I felt exhausted since the first day because we're all required to use my super enemy "Microsoft Excel" haha. The formulas are too hard for me to understand but I guess I'm learning from it now. There are times that I'm stressed and tired so I can't sleep at night. That's why I feel like a zombie on the morning. *LOL Glad I have this Snoe Beauty Sleep Night Time Anti-Aging Beauty Bar. I bought this soap last two weeks at SM North for Php199.00 only.
Snoe Beauty Sleep Night Time Anti-Aging Beauty Bar - Php199.00
What I like about Snoe is really they know how to catch consumer's eyes and I can say that I'm one of them. *wink  I love how this beauty bar is designed, like their other products it comes in a vintage packaging.
Snoe says that this beauty bar improves skin elasticity and suppleness, thereby reducing lines and wrinkles. It also produces firmer, more even-toned skin and helps achieve glowing, radiant and more youthful complexion.
Here's the back of the packaging which you can see the ingredients list and directions on how to use it.
I'm surprised when I opened it because It comes with my favorite color which is pink, as you can see. I thought it was a blue one since the box is blue but I guess I'm wrong?! haha. This soap is part of my night regimen. I've been using this for almost three weeks and I can tell you how fast I can see the results is. I used this on my face and sometimes on my body but I'm focusing on my face because I want to get rid of my wrinkles. After washing with this soap, I felt that my face is well cleaned and soft. I also felt that my face tightens a bit. I can also tell that it really helps to deepen my sleep and helps to reduce my stress level, maybe it's the Maca Root's task as which can see on the ingredients list. When I wake up in the morning I can see a glow on my face that I truly admire.

What I love:
 It helps to reduce my wrinkles
 Gave a soft, supple and glowing face everytime I woke up in the morning
 Helps to reduce my stress level
 Helps to deepen my sleep
 It really helps to improve my skin's elasticity
 Available in all Snoe outlets
 You can see the results in just 1 week

What I don't like:
 It has no whitening effect unlike their other soaps 
 It makes my face too oily after 20 - 30 minutes after washing
 I experienced tiny bumps on my forehead and some on my cheeks
 Scent. I find it weird.

Will I repurchase? No! Even though how fast I can see the results are I don't find that it suits on my face. Will try other line of their soap instead. The Awesome Poresome line, maybe? Watcha' think?


Where to buy: All Snoe outlets nationwide. You can also buy it online at

Snoe Beauty
This is not a sponsored review.
This product was bought with my own money.
I am not paid to do this review, and neither I am affiliated with the company.


  1. Never heard of this brand before, thank you for sharing with us :) Do you think this beauty bar is good for prone sensitive skin? Wish they have this brand in our country? I personally never try a beauty bar for face, it always nice to try new things, trail and errors sometime :p Have a good weekend :)

    1. Hi Janet :) Have a good weekend too! I think it's not good for sensitive skin because the soap is too strong. You should ask them if they ship outside the country :) I agree! You never know if the product is effective or not if you didn't try it. right? :)

    2. That is true, beauty soap will be too strong, thank you for ur advices :) you are so sweet hugs, I usually use a foaming cleanser or a very mild cleanser, I love using Fresh Cleanser, it work really well for my skin type :) Yupyup I totally agree, we will never know until we try heheee, talk to you soon hugs

    3. Hehe :) Thanks you're so sweet too. You know that you're always welcome.

  2. aw sayang didn't work on you. it's a good thing you stopped na kasi baka dumami lumabas. let me know if you try the awesome poresome soap ha. been wanting to try that too ^_^

    1. True! I think di sya hiyang sakin. Sure :) will buy the awesome poresome set this coming week. I heard that it's for oily face daw. hehe

  3. That's too bad! What are those tiny bumps BTW? Any soap that makes our face too oily is not our friend! Haha! Will wait for that review on the next product. :)

    1. Hi Jean :) Sorry for late reply. If you encounter some breakouts that's what I called tiny bumps. hehe. True! that's why I stopped using it. Sad lang kasi hindi ko naubos. Sayang lang. :((


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