Friday, January 31, 2014

Beauty Resolution 2014

          Having a fair and healthy skin is what I want to achieve starting this year. By reading some books, magazines and blogs,  I learned lot of things on how to properly take good care of our skin. Here's a list of my beauty resolutions to stick around this year:

1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

     I'm too lazy to exfoliate my skin, but I want to tell you that it is a must to do it. We all need to exfoliate our skin twice a week to remove dead skin cells and to get smooth and glowing skin.

2. Apply sunblock/sunscreen everyday

     I'm not a fan of sunblocks since I was a kid because it felt too sticky for me and most of the time I stayed indoors, so why do I need it? Yep! we all need it even we're in indoors to protect our skin from indoor lights, computer screens, television and more. It also helps us to slow down the development of wrinkles and premature aging skins. And most of all we all know that we need to apply it also when we are outside to protect our skin from sunlight.

3. Stop pricking my pimples

     I promise I will ignore it and leave it there until it was gone! haha..

4. Drink lot of water

     From now on, I will make a habit to drink lot and lot and lot of water. Remember that our body needs plenty of hydration to keep removing wastes and oils from our face and body.

5. Get enough sleep!


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